Secrets of the Soil

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Secrets of the Soil

Sunday, 18 July 2021 Saturday, 24 July 2021

with Evi Terzi, Arianna Artioli, Maroulita de Kol








       Our bodies contain all the wisdom of the ages, wisdom that goes back before we were even born. That wisdom is in our cellular system, in our nervous system, in our circulatory system, in each breath that we breathe. Renewing our faith in what our bodies have to teach us is the larger theme of this retreat.I feel that in this culture and over all too long a period in our history, we have been totally alienated from the true wisdom of our bodies, as well as from the wisdom of the larger body which is nature itself. My interest in dance is to reconnect with the innate intelligence within our bodies and with what our bodies have to say to us. 




 our intention
-to create a safe and inspirational space where we express/create through our bodies with movement and voice in nature
-discover and free our authentic voice
-to release trauma and discharge blocked energy
– To re-connect to our true being. To our natural state of trust, strength, peace, compassion and joy.
-to nurture embodiment , refine and extend the senses
-to reach non-ordinary states of consciousness as well as trance ecstatic states.
-to open the instinctuall and intuitive intelligence of body by sensing its rhythms and touching it with a deep and kind attention
– to guide ritualistic and spiritualistic explorations
– to co- create

with breathwork techniques that awaken and trigger memories from the cellural archive of the body wher unconscious and previously repressed thoughts and emotions .

–  through practices that facilitate our deep listening and connecting to our different bodies.Witnessing and expressing what’s authentic, overcoming our old limitations and opening to experience empowerment and regenaration.

   – with singing circles :
we will freely make use of our voices with the accompaniment of the drum.
we  explore intonation (singing in one two or three tones) in a body vibtation level (polyphonic singing).
 we will explore a sound enviroment that consist of Byzantine Vocals, shamanic voice drones, animal sounds.


with dancing circles :  a. where movement impulses grow out of each ones personal somatic experience and inquiry
b. we connect with our life force and our unique heritage.
 c. we explore greek traditional\ancient dances 


Evi Terzi .
Born in Greece. After my studies in  (contemporary and classical) dance in (Thessaloniki) and History-archaeology , i found myself in Athens where i continued learning and researching with dance workshops and teachers of my choice. In 2013 i moved in Berlin and worked as dancer ,choreographer and teacher.There i also founded the contemporary dance collective “Somanauts” with non-professional dancers and we choregraphed and performed together in all different kind of Venues (Musik Festival ,Galleries ,Museum ,Club,Forest ).
One year now i live in Corfu and while growing my vegetables and flowers i initiate a dance circle with the people of the local community.
I believe that the practice of dance is not there to validate the state of society and its divisions,but to transform it with novel arrangemments and that dance can open up the intuitive part of our mind .I dream of choreographies that reflect the vibrations of the nature and demonstrate devotion and comm-union.
Breathwork is a tool that i discovered and study last years and as an active form of meditation to connect to my life force energy and to purge old energy and toxins .
I use kundalini, pranayama and shamanic breathwork techniques ,depending on the purpose i want to serve.

Maroulita de Kol is a Greek pianist, singer, composer and performer. Since moving to Berlin she has been studying, researching and revising the storytelling and musical material of Greek traditional music. As a classically trained pianist that has been active in the improvised, noise and electronic music scenes of the city, she offers a fresh approach, bringing her cultural legacy into contemporary artistic practice, evolving her music in order to resonate with the present moment, both in terms of content as well as sound. She is a founding member of three Berlin based bands, Reverse Mode, Arcangel Trio and Farmagia, all of which have performed all around Europe. She has composed music for theatre pieces, performances, films and documentaries. In 2021 she will release her debut solo album AnasanA a collection of ambient traditional psychedelic spells. She believes in people and in the power of art.

Arianna Benedeta Artioli is an Italian born Yoga teacher and a holistic wellness advocate. She offers individual sessions to support healing and transformation through Blossom Life Coaching supported by Bach Flower Remedies, Emotional Healing Processes and Lomi Lomi Massage.

Passionate holistic researcher, she’s been learning from ancient traditions as well as from the latest scientific research. She studied with Krisnananda and Amana in the « Learning Love» training and with Clinton Callahan, creator of « Possibility Management », to deepen her knowledge on psychosomatic, feelings and emotions, communication and intimacy. She loves wild gardening; to grow organic plants, regenerate land and ecosystems while creating delicious healthy meals for her friends. Her instagram channel  is #myjuicygarden.
Since 2010 she follows her partner Igor Ezendam, dutch musician, overtone singer and voice coach, co-hosting Feeling Sound events such as Singing Freedom, Free Your Voice seminars and retreats. In 2020 she has published “13 Steps of Wellbeing” her first handbook for healthy practices.
For all  questions please email Evi at
Organisation ,vision by  Evi  ,Rachel, Sarah , Sandra