Meditation und Meer das Original

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Meditation und Meer das Original

Sunday, 10 September Thursday, 14 September

with Fred Herbst

This vacation seminar offers much more than just a few nice days off!  It mediates the ability to meditate.

Meditation is a state of absolute clarity, absolute certainty and deep joy in life.  Meditation lets us see what is really important in our lives at the moment, what we should change and how we can do it.

For a day we will anchor this positive content in the subconscious using hypnosis techniques.  Hypnosis and trance are extremely effective ways of replacing past negative imprints with positive ones.  The effect sets in immediately and is perceptible to everyone, because of the contents of our subconscious control our thoughts, our feelings, our behavior.  You make a decisive decision about success or failure in life.

These days are perfect for a new start, all tensions, the stress of everyday life evaporates and even for the things that make life difficult at the moment there are great solutions.