Water Conscious Circle

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Water Conscious Circle

Annual Gathering in service to humanity

Friday, 1 October 2021 Saturday, 2 October 2021

A call for us to become aware of the value of water in
raising our conscious awareness of ourselves.

Water is Alive.

Water is a natural living environment which sustains life
itself. By working with water rather than just in it or from it,
we can form sustainable long-lasting relationships with
water on our blue planet, Earth.

Water is Life.

And yet we have used and abused water to the brink of
our own extinction. We dump our waste in it, we have
depleted marine life and still we profit from her beauty and
bounty without much in return.

Water Remembers.

Water responds to our emotions and to our intentions.
This annual gathering is an urgent heart call by aquatic
educator and therapist Sophia Michalopoulou towards
local action.

“I can no longer simply sit and watch what is happening. I
feel an urgent call to action which will raise our awareness
about the ways we can contribute to the wellbeing of

Water Connects Us.

This call is being supported by friends, colleagues, water
bearers and protectors locally and from around the world
which water is gracefully bringing together including
Apostolia Papadamaki, Matt Thornton and Javier Gonzalez. The social cooperative Flow 42 is the organizer of this community orientated initiative.

Together we make a difference.

Join us in Arillas, Corfu Island GREECE on the1 st and 2 nd
of October 2021 for the annual gathering of the WATER
CONSCIOUS CIRCLE at Corfu Buddha Hall which will
expand our appreciation of the value of water in raising our conscious awareness of ourselves.

Your presence will make a difference.

What are you brining to the water? We wish to see you in
person at this year’s Water Conscious Circle.

For more information please contact us at