Magic Woman Retreat – Shakti Alchemy

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Magic Woman Retreat – Shakti Alchemy

Sunday, 6 August 2023 Saturday, 12 August 2023

Magic Woman Retreat, 6th – 12th of August 2023
Do you long to feel comfortable and confident in your body, to love and worship it as your temple? 
Do you long to connect deeply with your womb and the ancient wisdom of womanhood rooted
within you? 
Do you long to let your erotic and sacred pleasure potential blossom?
Do you want to tap into your full creative potential and life force? 
Do you long to listen to your inner intuitive guidance, to speak your truth and unleash your authentic voice? 
Do you long for deeper connections with a tribe of women?
And do you long for time to surrender into the sacred simplicity of your being, without having to do anything? To enjoy the beauty of life, to dance in ecstasy, to sing with hearts wide open, to cry, to laugh, to love, to live? 

The Magic Woman Retreat is a transformational journey, an initiation into a new chapter, a new era for women who are aware of their sexual power, who value and guard it, who know of the power and magic that lies in their womb space. It is a pathway for a pure, joyful and juicy female empowerment. Together we enter portals – of coming home – navigating the ancient wisdom and the wonders of the unknown. Leaving the darkness behind and planting seeds of abundance and love.

You will be guided by four experienced facilitators – Joy, Svenja, Charifa and Katrin – that weave together wisdom and knowledge of different traditions, paths and methodologies.
Their work combines and consists of a wide and holistic range of transformative Healing Arts. 
You will experience tantric rituals, female embodiment practices, mindful touch and massage, yoni egg practice, ecstatic dance, yoga, shadow work, shamanic rituals, excursions to healing places and powerful portals on the island and much more.

Your facilitators will support and empower you to embark on your individual path towards a fulfilled,
joyful, liberated and sacred sexuality.
Embrace your Magic Woman adventure in a safe, intimate circle of women Рand you are welcome as you are. We call upon all women from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds, mothers, daughters, grandmothers…
You do not have to wear fancy dresses to turn into a goddess – she is already inside you, pulsing vibrantly under your skin, ready to blossom. All will unfold quite naturally, magically and with ease.
To experience this magical alchemy in a circle of women is one of the greatest gifts you can give to

Are you ready to let your sacred, wild and sensual magic woman blossom?

More information:
The retreat is held in English.
Date: 6th – 12th of August 2023
Location: Corfu, Buddha Hall